IMX8M Plus AI Benchmark failed to run


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Hi All,

I try to run AI benchmark on IMX8M Plus, using Android 11.0.0_2.4.0 (Linux 5.10.52 kernel) demo image and AI_Benchmark_v4.0.4.apk

when the AI benchmark run to 13th test item, the app will crash

the crash logcat log as attach

how can I fix this issue?



  • AI_Benchmark_Mobile_fail_logcat.txt
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Andrey Ignatov

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how can I fix this issue?

1. Press on the background (instead of the "Start AI Test" button) before launching the tests, and select the "Run All Tests on CPU" option.

2. Go back to the initial screen and press the volume up button three times to enter the engineering menu.

3. Run this section from the appeared menu along with the last memory test.

4. Relaunch the benchmark to see the results.


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thank you for your reply, I will try it.

The other question, the Performance Ranking about i.MX 8M Plus, what apk and android version are you used?