Different results when using the command line tool and this app.


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So i wanted to benchmark my own custom model on a android 9, 675 phone using just the NNAPI, so i used this app to benchmark the model and i am consistently getting an average latency of around 42-44 ms per frame, but when i benchmark the same model using the command line tool provided by the tensorflow i get around double the average latency per frame for same no. of iterations. I kept the same settings for both the app and for the command line tool. I don't understand why is this happening. For other accelerators the results are around the same but only for NNAPI , the results are different . I am providing my command line command i used to benchmark.
adb shell am start -S \
-n org.tensorflow.lite.benchmark/.BenchmarkModelActivity \
--es args '"--graph=/data/local/tmp/tflite_benchmarking_two_layer_sepconv_conv_dummy_fp16.tflite \

and in the app i have only enabled first two options only .

Please let me know if you know why is there a difference in these two .


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