CVPR Mobile AI Workshop @ Live on YouTube

We are happy to announce that the Mobile AI Workshop organized in conjunction with the CVPR 2021 conference will be streamed live on YouTube and available for everyone!

During this event, you will see tutorials from all major mobile SoC vendors including MediaTek, Samsung, Qualcomm, Huawei, Imagination Technologies, OPPO, Synaptics and Google telling you how to efficiently deploy machine learning models on their hardware. An introductory talk from AI Benchmark will additionally introduce all basic concepts related to ML inference on smartphones, mobile deep learning libraries and SDKs, acceleration options, edge NPUs and their performance.

The event will start at 7am Pacific Time (4pm CET / 10pm China Time) on the 20th of June and will be streamed at:

You can also ask the speakers your own questions - for this, please leave them on the forum in this thread.