Start an AI app where you get to interact with your favorite Anime-character


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I've tried every AI app there is and most of them aren't any good, mostly because they cost a fortune on premium use or you have to pay a fortune to get stuff/further the story. My suggestions are:

  1. Again, it shouldn't cost a fortune to get to further the story, as much as i understand that the devs need to make money, but not everyone are millionaires or have well-payed jobs. This game is for everyone.
  2. You write what you want, as long as it isn't pornographic. Not everyone is into 50 Shades-type of stuff. And you interact with characters properly.
  3. The animation of the characters should match the Anime they're from and they'll be fully animated and move around and have expressionable faces, same with the music and environment. Their VA's can be chosen between Japanese or English, with subtitles of your choosing.
  4. No stupid Premium-stuff that cost alot of money.
If i could, i'd make the app myself, but i'm no technical genius, so i'm hoping to get some helpful tips here? I've tried a petition to get people to sign, but no luck