How does individual category store correlate with speed?

Dwayne Duane

New member
Good morning,

Regarding this table,
I am not sure I understand how to interpret score columns for individual categories. For example, for the Google Pixel 6, the score for Int 8/NNAPI 1.2 is 39049 while the score for FP16/NNAPI 1.2 is 72832. But if I click on the "View Detailed Results" button, I see that for the same device, the speed for int8 is consistently superior to that of FP16. For example, for MobileNet-V2, int8 takes 1.5ms while fp16 takes 2.1ms; for VGG19, int8 takes 13ms while fp16 takes 33ms, etc. I seem to be missing some part of this picture. Could you shed some light on it?

Thank you.