AI Benchmark Nightly 08.21 Released

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Starting from version 4.0.4, we release AI Benchmark Nightly builds for ML developers every month.

Compared to the standard version, AI Benchmark Nightly:

  • is built with the latest TensorFlow Lite nightly runtime,
  • provides support for the full range of TensorFlow ops,
  • contains the newest Android TFLite delegates: GPU, NNAPI, Hexagon, Eden and Neuron.

These builds allow ML developers to test their own TFLite models converted with TF-nightly or containing custom TF operators, making it possible to run nearly any TensorFlow model on any mobile device with this benchmark edition.

AI Benchmark Nightly is provided for R&D purpose only and should not be used for benchmarking mobile devices.

You can download the latest AI Benchmark Nightly build from the official website:

All questions related to machine learning development for mobile devices can be asked in this thread.


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