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    tflite model input data type mismatch?

    I decomposed and tested each module of the model step by step, and finally identified the root cause of the problem. It was caused by custom pixel normalization demonstrated in the following code. It seems that the tf.reshape operation in conjuction with tf.keras.layers.LayerNormalization are...
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    tflite model input data type mismatch?

    I attempted to correct my code based on the links you provided. However, when I ran the model through NNAPI, I encountered an issue with node 98 in the TFLite model. Strangely, this node is not present in the converted model : ( ! I have attached a zip file of the TFLite model for your...
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    tflite model input data type mismatch?

    Mobile device : OnePlus 7T APP version: 5.0.3. TF version: 2.11 I have converted my pretrained model to an int8 quantized tflite model, but I encountered some problems as shown in following shotcuts. I suspect that the type of input data (maybe uint8/int8) conflicts with the required float32...
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    Real-Time Video Super-Resolution Challenge

    Dear organizers, thanks for you organizing this interesting challenge. Noticed that the scoring strategy for 2022 has changed compared to 2021, will it continue to change in 2023 or remain the same as in 2022? Thanks and wish for your reply~:)