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    AI Benchamark for TVs

    Are there any plans to release the AI benchmark app for TVs that have high end processors. Now new age TVs have decent CPU , GPU and also APUs specially TVs with new Mediatek chipsets. Is there any ranking list or reference website that has details of which chipsets different tvs have...
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    How to access APU in Mediatek chipsets

    Hi Andrey, Thanks for the response, I forced enabled the Neuron delegate. I am able to benchmark the pre existing models on the app like : SRGAN, PUNET, XLSR, VideoSR 4k on the neuron delegate. But the option to check the MediaTek Neuron for running custom model is not enabled. Is this setting...
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    How to access APU in Mediatek chipsets

    I am working on Mediatek mobile phones : Mediatek Dimesnity 9000, Dimensity 920, Dimensity 1200. I can access the APU on Mediatek 9000 using the AI benchmark app, but cannot do so on Dimenity 920 , mediatek website says that it has a AI processor , hopefully it is a APU. Apart from the AI...