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    Implementation of GPU and NPU usage / performance monitoring

    Hi @Andrey Ignatov , I'm using the NNAPI delegate of Tensorflow Lite to run our net. I am trying to determine which accelerator is used during runtime. In the Burnout App there are three graphs that show the usage of CPU, GPU and NPU. I know how to read the CPU usage, but I can not find a way...
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    NNAPI usage on Exynos 2100 devices

    Hello Andery, thank you very much for answering in detail and providing further links. That will help us in our decision :)
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    NNAPI usage on Exynos 2100 devices

    Dear Members, First of all, I would like to thank you for creating the benchmark table. It provides a helpful overview. We will soon replace our research object detection smartphones with newer ones and the Samsung S21 devices show a promising performance. The question is how well TFLite uses...